iHeartMedia’s Jacksonville radio stations specialize in effective advertising campaigns. Here’s what businesses say about working with iHeartMedia.

Testimonial: Feld Entertainment

I really cannot say it enough, iHeartMedia is hands down the most polished, professional and on top of things group that I work with! When it comes to this type of partnership, please know how much I appreciate that and how much that makes this deal work better for us both! iHeartMedia Jacksonville is the best – thank you!

– Chris Rossbach, Feld Entertainment/Director of Event Marketing

Case Study: 5/3rd Bank

There is an influx of banks moving into the Jacksonville, FL market. 5/3rd Bank is known for their “hometown feel” and their personal, community focused, service. The need for special events at the branches has been key to maintain market share and to add new members.


  • To create unique traffic driving program(s) to help increase their ROI.
  • Target Adults 25-54 looking for better savings, IRA & Checking Plans.


  • 5/3rd Bank utilized a heavy terrestrial & streaming campaign with Planet Radio & Sports Radio 930 promoting a community event at two specific branches.
  • Each event featured the opportunity to win NCAA March Madness tickets & a remote with Planet Radio.

The advertiser signed up nine (9) new accounts on Thursday’s event & ten (10) new accounts on Friday’s event!

Testimonial: Metro PCS

Because iHeartMedia has such a hands on approach, when I have to decide on stations to use for a local buy, event, or promotion, I tend to stick with iHeartMedia because I know that I will have some extra support!

Our local marketing department consists of two people, so extra hands are always much needed. Also, even though our schedules are purchased nationally, we in the local market provide our recommendations. So if it comes down to two urban stations, I tend to recommend the one that has the best overall value, and having a really good partner factors a lot into that consideration.

Thank you!

– Sheena Miles, Field Marketing Manager/Metro PCS


The NAS JAX AIRSHOW is one of the great events in the city of Jacksonville. However, after a 2-Year hiatus – there was concern from the advertiser about turnout and in changing their media plan.

To create a large scale advertising campaign inclusive of terrestrial, digital, promotional & on-site elements to help drive attendance to the 2014 NAS JAX AIRSHOW.

iHeartMedia partnered with the NAS JAX AIRSHOW and activated all seven (7) radio stations, iHeartRadio stations, promotional elements (giveaways, ticket stops, etc) & on-site elements.

The result was a total of 297,000+ visitors & 2,100 boats along the river for the AIRSHOW – a NEW ATTENDANCE RECORD!

Testimonial: MediaWorx

In the short time we have worked together I am very impressed! Mediaworx campaigns are way more than just spots and dots. That is why it is so important to have an AE like Ann who is smart, thorough and dedicated.

I have already booked two campaigns – Hellmann’s and Breyers – with her and your share was the largest on both!

I have more buys that I will be availing soon for Jax and I am really looking forward to working with iHeartMedia & Ann!!

– Jim Pressman, Senior Media Buyer/MediaWorx

Case Study: Monster Jam

The Monster Jam was returning to Jacksonville, FL for their annual show… but 2014 presented a new challenge, as over 10,000+ seats were removed due to stadium upgrades.

To create excitement with our listeners to help overcome the lack of seats – with the goal of trying to sell out the stadium.

iHeartMedia partnered with the Monster Jam and activated all seven (7) radio stations, iHeartRadio stations, promotional elements (giveaways, ticket stops, etc) & on-site elements.

The result was a total of 62,000+ tickets sold – which was over the goal of 56,000! The stadium had to open up “standing room only” areas due to the demand for tickets!

Testimonial: 5/3rd Bank


We had a great day. I believe 10 new accounts. Thanks for your partnership!!!

– Jim Goodfriend, 5/3rd BANK

Testimonial: Mavericks

Hey guys; I am hoping this morning finds you all doing well! Although I am exhausted and getting way too old for this business; I wanted to make sure I took the time out to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for making our show with Craig Morgan such a huge success!! Your entire team went above and beyond to once again support this Maverick’s show and it paid off in dividends! I could not be happier to be in a partnership with your iHeart team! You guys really came through once again!

– Darrin Kurtz, Owner, Mavericks

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